EAC – Moving ans relocation

Image film

EAC, better known as East Asian Trading Company, consists of two strategic companies; ‘Santa Fe’ and ‘Plumrose’ with locations across the globe; in Asia, South America, the Middle East, Australia, and Europe. EAC wanted two image films respectively presenting specific departments in each company.

The first film introduces Santa Fe’s Moving & Relocation Services. The film illustrates the process that happens when employees relocate globally and their families’ have to move to new cities and new cultures. Conceptually the imagery is connected by moving boxes, as an overarching symbol.

The second film shows how Plumrose produces processed meat. The company owns and controls the entire value chain; production of feed, pig farms, slaughtering, meat processing, distribution, marketing, and sales. The movie, therefore, is build around the value chain, highlighting the coherence between the various departments.

The films were made in cooperation with Bottomline Communication and a range of local photographers in Singapore, London, Melbourne, and Venezuela.