Animated information film

For AKB, København we adapted a film we made for Boligselskabet Sjælland in 2014.

AKB, København was facing a similar challenge; their residents couldn’t quite comprehend the details regarding the economy in a housing department and the connection to the housing association. The target audience for the film was quite extensive, because residents in a housing association are different. That presented a range of challenges in relation to communication. The solution, however, was to use a different visual aids and clues to give the target audience a clear idea about the concept.

The film was constructed as an animated vector graphics film, where the drawn elements support the main story. The design was kept in a relatively simple cartoon-style, where the most important elements popped out in brand colours, while the background was kept more neutral.

Compared to the original film for Bologselskabet Sjælland, this film was visually updated to match the style and characters used on AKB-KBH.dk.