Animated information film

Dansk Metal had, through a number of years, experienced a fall in member engagement when voting for new agreements. Therefore, a range of initiatives were undertaken. They had to demonstrate the organizations relevance for members and make it easier for members to vote. The latter part included motivating union representatives at various workplaces plus a strategy to reach a target audience of 80.000 members through relevant platforms.

Bulldog and Partners produced two films. The first, for the union representatives, had to communicate pride in the profession and show easy ways to help colleagues with voting. The other film, addressing Dansk Metals members directly, was a story of influence, pride, and how to vote. The main message in both films were, however, how important voting was in making Dansk Metal stronger in negotiations, and how this affected members positively.

The films are animated infographics, where 2-d vector graphics are used to build a fairly simple universe, with statements and graphs supporting the overall messages. In this universe the key words are simplicity and visual facilitation of key messages. This method of communication ensures a higher understanding by the target audience.

Dansk Metal succeeded in raising their voting percentage from 27% to 43%, where 90% voted in favour.