Whiteboard film

In the last couple of years, The Metropolitan University College has increasingly used videos to communicate small and large changes in their organization. They are particularly good at communicating short statements in 1-2 minute sequences in a traditional interview-format.

But when they wanted to communicate their 2020 strategy, it needed to stand out from their usual internal videos. The content had to be presented visually in such a way, that the purpose and message of the strategy came across clearly and resonated with the target audience.

Bulldog and Partners wrote the script, conceptualised, and produced the whiteboard film. The focal points were the five most important elements of the strategy and their background. The film worked as a guide to the five new strategic goals and also served as a story about their value for employees and the organisation as a whole.

About a year after the original film was produced we translated it into English and changed a couple of key scenes to fit with the new English version.