Strategy & Content  



At Bulldog and Partners, we don’t compromise on strategy.

We don’t develop your strategy – we’ll leave that to you. What we do, on the other hand, is translate and frame your business strategy to a digital solution, that makes sense for your customers and your employees. The right strategy is important, and communicating the right aspects are vital. That’s why we are looking for insights into your company, your customers and your market. To name a few. The right strategy isn’t worth much, if it’s not executed in the right way – and here the key is to focus on the right messages, aimed at the target audience. That’s why insights are essential.

Often however, compromises are crucial. Sometimes with the boss, often with deadlines and always with the budget. And to live up to our customers as well as our own demands about quality, we have established a platform for execution that ensures strategic consistency between company and concept.

At Bulldog and Partners it’s a virtue to utilize resources efficiently. When we execute, the budget tells more about the size of the job than about quality.

You see, quality is one thing we never comprise on.

Concept & Design


You’ve probably heard the one about; if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

The same goes for your brand: If no one knows what it stands for, does it really stand for anything?

No matter what your company sell – a pair of shoes, a job or an idea, we believe that it’s the human relation to your brand and to your company that makes the difference. And that relation is built upon the notion that the brand is telling a clear story. Both visually and as a symbol.

It’s essential for us, when we’re constructing the visual concept, that it’s in line with the company’s identity, and that it resonates with the target audience.

Naturally the concept originates from a strategic brief closely aligned with the company’s overarching strategy. At Bulldog & Partners we push the visual design as much as possible within the existing design framework and guidelines.

We have huge demands to the way information is being structured and presented. We, like your customers, are already moving about in a digital playground, where we see too many tweets, pop-ups and blinking banner-ads. Our visual concept is, however, always designed with a clear target and target audience in mind in order to adapt the concept to the chosen platform. Exactly so the recipient, client and/or employee will notice the message. The experience has to be straightforward and simple, without too much noise!

Film Production


We’re a bunch of geeks who live and breathe for the perfect dolly-shot, homemade camera rigs and the perfect colour grading. But hardware and pretty pictures doesn’t sell messages – a good story does. That’s why we always focus on the story and adapt our hardware accordingly. When we produce a story, we take pride in understanding our customers’ needs, and translate that into a format which suits exactly that; a documentary, a whiteboard-film or something completely different.

Film is a unique medium. We know how, for what, and especially when film is relevant. It’s not always. But when it is, it’s often the most powerful way to deliver a message. 

At Bulldog and Partners, we produce our films in-house. Art direction, design and strategy are all under the same roof. That reduces the otherwise endless line of where-are-we-now-meetings and increases the efficiency. We collaborate on ideas and concepts and translate them into a language that makes sense across all relevant channels.

We understand, that every company have their own specific culture, beliefs and language which are essential to that company’s identity. We know how important this is, but we also know that a language can, and should, be adapted to fit the right medium. In order to hit the right target audience. And in order to tell the right story in the right fashion.


Motion Graphics


– Or; shooting sparrows with cannons.

Communication is about telling stories. To the right people, in the right way, so the message resonates. 

Right now, you’re reading this story. It might not be the most exciting way to tell you about our ideas in motion graphics – but it’s a way, and it’s a traditional way. It’s categorised under Competences and Motion graphics. So maybe it’s an okay way after all.

Back in the days, before graphics had motion and before media were social, it was all about needle-marketing – to inject an idea into the head of a consumer.

Regardless, it was about telling a story and it still is. That tool is still the same. And now, with the calendar reading 2016, there are more tools in the toolbox than ever before. Video-clip, animation, info-graphics, photos, 3D and typography to name a few. Speaking of, it might make more sense to show this graphic, instead of talking about it.

There might be some from the old school who believe that this is like shooting sparrows with cannons. But we don’t care about that. Because we usually hit.