Nudging has gone mainstream. It’s everywhere!RenKaerlighed_02

It’s online when you read the news or check your social media sites.

It’s with you in the subway and on the bike lane. Sometimes you don’t even notice!

And guess what? That’s the whole idea.

Nudging is guiding your choices and affecting your behaviour every day. It’s an extremely effective method to change beliefs and direct action.


There’s nothing new about that.

Commercials, politicians, activists (and just about everything in between) have always sought to influence your choices.

And the way to do that, is usually by making a certain choice seem more attractive than all the other. Either by playing on your fears and desires or by appealing to your moral beliefs – your conscience.


The new thing nudging brings to the table, is the subtlety with which it directs decisions.

It helps you choose, but it leaves the choice up to you. And that’s important!
In a world where you can customise everything to your personal liking and where options and decisions are everywhere, nudging seeks to make the world simpler.



It’s great that my local coffee shop can whip up anything I like. But usually it’s a combination of coffee and milk, and I really don’t need to waste time deciding on the ratio, every single day.


And the same can be said about the internet. It’s amazing how much information I can access in a split second, but sometimes it can seem overwhelming and downright confusing.

Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees.

And that’s where nudging comes in. It cuts through the noise and highlights “the best option” or “the right choice” so it’s easy to see and simple to make. And if used correctly the right nudge can make all the difference in the world.



Your life is made up of a series of choices. And you’re the sum of those choices. That’s what makes up your personal identity.



So think before you choose and think about why you made exactly that choice.


And think about choosing Bulldog and Partners to deliver your messages.

We are storytelling!

We know what buttons to push – and where to nudge.