Udsyn i udskolingen – Hvordan kan forældre, gennem gode spørgsmål, åbne op for karrierelæring?


Udsyn i udskolingen – Hvordan kan lærere skabe bedre karrierelæring?


Udsyn i udskolingen – Hvordan kan skoleforvaltningen skabe bedre rammer for karrierelæring?

KL, DLF & Fremfærd/Børn – Udsyn i udskolingen

Whiteboard film

KL (Local Government Denmark) and DLF (The Danish Union of Teachers) had just finished a large research project and needed to get the results out to their target audience. So Bulldog and Partners were asked to help with the film production – from cultivating the background material, building the storyline and visual concept to the final production.

The research project focused on improving school children’s decisions when choosing which education or carer they wanted to pursue. As it where, too many was dropping out or switching track – causing stress and other difficulties.

The research project found, that a fundamental shift was needed. Instead of asking the kids “what they wanted to do”, parents and teachers should keep all options open and help the kids learn how to choose – not what to choose.

We created 3 films, each aimed at a specific audience: teachers, parents and the school administrations. The films were produced in our whiteboard format to maximize understanding and provide each audience with a unique perspective on the subject.

All 3 films take you on a journey with the kids. You see what they see. Experience how they learn. And understand why you need to change your approach – in order to help them make the decisions that are right for them.

In this particular case, telling parents and teachers how to behave, we decided that the best approach was to focus on the kids – to show their world and the challenges they meet, with the appropriate tone and angle for each audience.

Show it, don’t tell it.