Animated information film

Landsbyggefonden is a foundation that supports and develops public housing. They do that by supporting housing associations with subsidies for renovation, rent reductions, and social housing initiatives, among other things.

The foundation found themselves in a peculiar situation – they had too much money. And they wanted to inform their members, so the housing associations could apply for additional funds, and the money could be divided.

Bulldog and Partners conceptualised a story about Landsbyggefondens “trækningsret”, and produced an animated information film about the new opportunities to apply for support. The film was aimed at employees at housing associations, boards at housing organizations and other stakeholders.

We constructed a visual environment in which we could tell the overarching story of how to use “trækningsretten”; the specific rules and processes needed to apply. With the target audience in mind, the style and tone of the film was kept relatively simple and pedagogical.