“Sikker færdsel på internettet”


“Phishing – undgå svindel på internettet”


“Gode adgangskoder”


Animated information film

NemID wanted to do something about the increase in digital fraud and internet scam targeting senior citizens. They wanted to provide senior citizens with a set of guidelines on how to use the internet safely, how to avoid phishing mails and how to create strong passwords.

Because of the audience, and the potentially difficult subject matter, we decided to use a very simple visual style. We combined animation and video – creating a look where hands interacted with animated pieces of paper.

This enabled a very pedagogical narrative, that emphasised on how to handle online protection with simple and easy actions. Our priority was to avoid alienating anyone in our audience, but still get crucial advice across in a simple how-to tone.

The films function as an introduction to the subject, but also as a quick reminder in a critical situation where that is needed.