Whiteboard film

Card services are changing. From a world where (physical) cash is king, to a world where everybody uses credit cards, we now see a world where payment options are exploding. The opportunities are increasing and you can now pay with cards issued by supermarkets, insurance companies or tech companies, with a physical card or a digital card embedded in the phone. This is a challenge that Nets takes very serious. So, they made the Nets Card Management Service, with an inherent focus on convenience and value for the consumer. Delivered by the card issuer on any imaginable platform.

Bulldog & Partners helped Nets develop a storyline that would encapsulate the historical changes that we’ve seen in consumer behaviour. Furthermore, we wanted to highlight how the system works and all its benefits. We created a storyline that introduced the end-consumer, and then quickly moved on to the business-side of things, by talking about the major benefits of the Card Management Service. This method of storytelling let us change between two distinct paths. We can talk to the target audience on an emotional level, and present a straight-forward account of the actual benefits. This way the target audience can have a positive experience with the film, and thoroughly understand the product.