REGION SJÆLLAND – Animated information film

Animated information film

Region Sjælland was experiencing challenges in regards to people undergoing both psychiatric treatment and abuse treatment. The main concern was coordinating all the different institutions, departments and people involved in treating a patient diagnosed with two different conditions. In order to provide the best possible treatment and support, and to ensure that patients wouldn’t get lost in the system, the region introduced a coordinated plan of action, linking every department and focusing on communication and shared knowledge.

We produced a film aimed at everyone affected, highlighting the benefits of the new plan. The goal was to inspire and motivate everyone to work towards a shared goal – the welfare of the patient. And to embrace the need for an interdisciplinary approach to complicated cases.

The film shows a person in need of help going into treatment, following him every step of the way. We see how difficult his life is and how impossible everything seems. And we see him getting help. How every department and every person he comes in contact with works together and makes a difference in his life.

The result is a very emotional and heartfelt film, underscoring just how serious the matter is. The use of a visual language this sincere and genuine also adds a level of realism to the story and strengthens the films personal appeal.

The film was produced by animating watercolour paintings to create the right mood. Slow camera movements and the use of focus shift helps to build the atmosphere and move the story forward slowly. This is a film that takes its time and the payoff is that much greater because of it.