SCANDLINES – Image film

Image film

Scandlines wanted to tell a story which functioned on several levels – reaching several target audiences: investors and a wide range of stakeholders, including employees. The overarching storyline had to be connected to Scandlines’ pay-off: “There’s something about sailing”, as well as touch on relevant stories from both inside and outside the company.

We decided on a concept, in cooperation with Scandlines, where we spoke more directly to the employees. We focused especially on values and commitment and in addition we incorporated key messages of innovation plus the overarching story of “There’s something about sailing”. The movie is shot in slow-motion to highlight the feeling that we wanted to project. In turn the imagery supports the employee-angle by actually following a range of employees in a fictitious day. Furthermore, the speak tells a poetic and almost romantic story about sailing, and at the same time connects the imagery to the real world and a storyline about being committed – one of Scandlines’ core values.